DBU Professor of Classical Guitar Studies Announces Demonstration by Joseph Slack

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Announcement Courtesy of Professor Stacy Arnold:

Everyone is invited!

This Friday, Sept. 28th at Dallas Baptist University’s Music Dept. in Horner Hall (The Music Bldg.), room 210, from 2-3:30, we will have a visiting lecture/demonstration by Classical guitar builder (Luthier) Joseph (Joe) Slack (www.josephslackguitars.com).

Joe will discuss the history of the modern Classical guitar and it’s connection with Antonio Torres (Spain), and the history of the steel-string acoustic guitar and it’s connection with C.F. Martin. Joe began his guitar-building history in the construction of steel-string guitars and later began to build nylon-string classical guitars through the inspiration and encouragement of the famous and well-known Texas Luthier Tom Blackshear.

The demonstration will include samples and sound demonstrations of the raw materials (different types of wood) of the tops, backs, sides, and rosettes of both Classical guitars and steel-string acoustic guitars.

Professors (and students) of guitar programs at local Universities and community colleges in the D/FW area who are looking to build or strengthen their classical guitar programs are encouraged to attend.

This special lecture and demonstration will be both entertaining, informative, and enlightening. We look forward to seeing you this Friday at Dallas Baptist University!
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Stacy Arnold
Professor of Classical Guitar Studies
Dallas Baptist University
P: 469-337-7294
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